Hi Everyone, I’m craig and I’m a foodie. …and a photographer.

Several years ago, after reading more and more about how big food companies produce the food they sell us, we decided to be much more conscious about what we eat. We jumped into the organic movement, and we were generally happy with the decision – especially since we had a little kiddo brewing. Organic is expensive to be sure, but we felt it’s well worth it to invest in our family’s health.

Then a few years ago, as I started shopping the local farmer markets, some of my foodie friends began prodding me to join their CSA, “You get a box of fresh produce every week for 20 weeks. You’ll LOVE IT, Craig”. Though I thoroughly appreciated their enthusiasm, their brief explanation didn’t really tell me much. So I looked up CSA online, and did a LOT of reading. But every time I got around to signing up in April, their popular CSAs were already booked-up. Thus I put it off again until the following year. Last year, however, I felt more inspired, as Jonas was now one year old, and he could eat “people food”. So in April, when I thought about joining my friend’s CSA again, I was too late. Now what to do? I found the Local Harvest CSA page online, keyed in my zip code, and discovered a plethora of CSA farms – so I started comparing my options.

Hello, HighCross Farm. After sampling their first “Spring Share box” last May, I was hit on the head, “WHY didn’t I take this more seriously YEARS ago”? Fresh flavor? HA! To compare a bag of spring spinach freshly picked and washed the morning of your CSA delivery, where the farm isn’t even 60 miles away, to a small tied bunch of spinach shipped in from 2,200 miles away is…..silly. There is no comparison.

Talk about inspired. I’ve been spreading the word about buying local (CSA and Farmer Markets) to anyone who’ll listen, or at the very least complains about the produce at their local supermarket. Since then I’ve had a few people tell me, you should start a blog…

…and here it is. This blog is the voice of my “Buy and Eat Local” journey – it’ll be a photographic one at that. I want to visit numerous small local organic CSA farms, farmers markets, farmers stands, and share their virtues with you. I may get into sharing some recipes, perhaps testing cookbook recipes with the delicacies I find in our CSA box, at our local farmer’s stand and farmers markets. It’s really wide open — I have no idea where this is going to take me.

Most of all, I want to inspire you, even if you’re reading this from another state or country, to go get to know your local farmers, learn how they grow their food, and join in the “Buy Local” movement. It’s wildly fresh and phenomenal.

How did I arrive with the name “Juicy Garlic”? Easy. Pinehold Gardens, a local organic farm not far from where I live, has been growing the most incredible garlic I’ve ever eaten. It’s big. And in late July through early September, it’s fresh and it’s juicy. REAL juicy. It’s nothing like those typical “white garlic heads” you find in your local supermarket. And therein lays the biggest perk about joining a CSA or shopping at your local farmers market. The variety and introduction new foods. If you love garlic as much as I do, and good Lord I love it, you have to find a local farmer that sells Red Italian and Bavarian Purple garlic.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.


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