CSA Farmer’s Salad

This fresh CSA salad is so ridiculously easy, and I’m sure everyone does it and has their own version. And believe me, it tastes amazing when you make this shortly after you receive your items from the farm.

farmer's salad

Ingredients: – all veggies from HighCross Farm
• Green Butterhead Lettuce (torn into pieces)
• Red Leaf Lettuce (torn into pieces)
• Spinach leaves (torn into pieces)
• Radish Leaves (whole or torn)
• Lovage leaves (minced)
• Arugula blossoms
• Radish (sliced thin)
• Carrot (sliced thing)
• Caesar blend cheese (Shaved)
• Olive oil to taste
• Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Pull the fresh leaves off the lettuce, rinse under cold water, tear into small pieces and place in salad spinner. Do the same with the spinach and radish leaves, and spin the hell out of it to remove the excess water.

Toss the leaves, place on a small plate or in a small bowl, add sliced radish, carrot, shaved cheese, sprinkle with arugula blossoms and fresh minced lovage, drizzle with olive oil, and add some fresh cracked black pepper.

A couple of notes:
You can do this with any fresh CSA greens. A lot of times I have used rainbow chard leaves, romaine, arugula leaves, bok choy (chop up the stems, too), mizuna, and whatever else comes in weekly CSA box. If you have rainbow chard, chop up the colorful stems for a little crunch.

I pulled our butterhead lettuce from the crisper drawer last night, and it’s like we just received it yesterday – it’s still that fresh. Crazy. Mainly because it hasn’t travelled 2000 miles from California to get to our house. Secondly, it’s because your CSA will teach you how to store your items. For leafy greens, and this sounds like a good topic for another post, we stuff the heads of lettuce in the largest ziplock bags we can find (the hefty 2.5 gal bags), close them halfway, and store them in the crisper at the bottom of our CSA fridge.

Yup! This winter we went out and bought a second fridge to hold our CSA produce. Last fall and winter, our boxes were so full and heavy, we ran out of refrigerator space – especially for the bulky items like cabbage, melons, and BIG leafy heads of lettuce. …second fridge = Problem solved. 🙂

The bonus of having a second fridge, we have additional freezer space for our Sitka Salmon Share storage. Next week our Black Cod (Sablefish) gets delivered. Can’t wait.
If you are late getting into a CSA or don’t have time to get to a farmer’s market, you can easily get many of these items (sans arugula blossoms) at a good local grocery. And the good grocers, Like Milwaukee’s Metro Market, will have a plethora of organic greens on hand – use them quickly.

I would love to know how you make your garden/CSA salads in the comments – Please share. 

To happy clean eating and good health,



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